3 Essential Tips for Efficient Group Travel


Whether you are five people or thirty, group travel can be extremely challenging. Several individuals, all with different interests and opinions, trying to come to a consensus has never been easy. All the hassle of trying to plan, organize, and make bookings for several people who don’t even seem to agree may make you want to give up on the entire endeavor even before it has begun. Thankfully, our Westchester airport car service has a few simple tips you can apply to ensure smooth and hassle-free group travel.

But before we move on to the tips, we recommend employing the services of a concierge car service like our New York ground transportation service for the groups transportation needs. Traveling as a group is never easy; someone is always lagging behind, some people will arrive late at certain meeting points, so you have to constantly keep track of your companions and ensure that everyone is accounted for. With us, however, you are guaranteed that everyone is safe and moving together at all times, and that you all arrive and leave venues at the same time, so you don’t have to constantly keep tabs on the everyone.

Furthermore, as opposed to spending time trying to navigate unfamiliar territory, you can focus on enjoying the company of your friends/family, making memories, and enjoying the luxuries of our vehicles with the comfort of knowing that professional chauffeur is behind the wheel.

Now, let’s have a look at a few more tips you can apply for effective group travel.



Find out what each person in the group has to offer; what are their individual strengths? If a person in the group is really experienced in reading maps, let them be in charge of directions. If yet another person can speak the local dialect of your destination, let them be in charge of communication. If you have an artist amongst you, let them be in charge of photography. The key is to make everyone in the group feel like an essential part of the team and, this way, you will become a strong, cohesive unit that gets along very fluidly.


Share Ideas and Information

Everyone in the group has definitely done a bit of research on your destination, and it is almost impossible that you have gathered the same information because everyone has different interests and levels of research expertise. Encourage everyone to share their findings and possible interests; consider everyone’s suggestions and try to integrate a little bit of everyone’s interests into the itinerary for an all-inclusive journey that will leave everyone feeling satisfied.


Keep an Open Mind

You should always keep an open mind when traveling; having worked in the transportation industry for years now, we know more than anyone that a trip rarely goes a hundred percent as it was planned. So be prepared to adapt whenever you experience hurdles. Encourage the group to maintain a similar mindset during the trip and any small roadblocks you may encounter won’t throw the group completely off its element. Also, be prepared to encounter people and cultures you are completely unfamiliar with; don’t shy away, encourage everyone to immerse themselves into their new environment for a wholesome experience.

Posted on Oct 30 2018

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