4 Tips for a Perfect Wine Tour


One of the best ways to discover new wines is to visit wineries and wine regions. Here you will get to explore vineyards and learn directly from the growers and producers. However, if you want to make the most of your wine tour, there are certain measures you need to take. Our New York Limo Service understands that a lot of our clients enjoy their wine and, as such, we have come up with a few tips that will make your next wine tour your best one yet. Enjoy!

Get there Early

During the peak season, wineries and vineyards tend to be packed by midday. Because of the high traffic, the owners and staff at the winery have their attention divided and may not have the opportunity to give you a one-on-one engagement about the wine-making process, the different types of grapes, and the wines available; all subjects you would be curious about. We do not mean that it will be a horrible experience being around other people, but if you prefer a more intimate and relaxed setting, we recommend that you get there early in the morning.

Visit an average of Two Wineries in a Day

If you visit too many wineries in a day, you will be in a rush trying to go to each one, and as a result, you will not have time to understand what is going in each of these locations. If you want the full experience of a wine tour, savor the wine tasting experience, linger around a bit, and take in the scenery. You could even plan for a picnic at one of the wineries you visit; that is how you make memories as opposed to rushing through an experience that is meant to be fun and enlightening.


One of the most common questions on everyone’s mind is whether to spit or swallow the wines they sample. The answer is, it is really up to you, so either option is fine as long as you watch your body’s response to the alcohol; you don’t want to get drunk before you’re even done with your tour. If you choose to spit, make sure you use the spittoons; do not feel obliged to finish a sample you do not like, at a winery spitting is socially acceptable, so feel free.

Bring a Wine Carrier

If you don’t already have one, you can simply grab one at your local wine store and we recommend that you get a Styrofoam one. You are sure to find a sample or two you like and if you did not bring a wine carrier you might not be able to carry bottles of your favorite samples or you will end up with rattling bottles in your vehicle, and some of them might actually break against each other. Avoid this kind of mess by purchasing a wine carrier now so you’re ready when it’s time for your next wine tour. Thank us later!

Posted on Feb 27 2018

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