5 Mindfulness Tips for Busy Executives


The life of a busy executive is far from boring. They are constantly inundated with emails, reports, meetings, phone calls, and more. It's no wonder why many execs suffer from burnout and fatigue. A simple way to combat exec stress is through a daily dose of Mindfulness practice. Mindfulness can empower executives to respond with calm, thoughtful intention while remaining productive.

Mindfulness helps to:

  • Improve memory
  • Lessen stress/frustration
  • Create a productive work/life balance
  • Know and consider your objective
  • Make thoughtful choices
  • Actively listen when being spoken to
  • Practice empathy

As a busy executive, staying focused on goals helps you and your organization get more done because it allows you to identify distractions.

Here are 5 Mindfulness Tips that will help you stop, breath, slow down, and appreciate the moments.

  1. Become A Single Task Doer. Commit to accomplishing one task at a time. Just do one thing at a time. In some instances, multi-tasking limits and helps to increase stress.
  2. Ignore distractions. Silence your phone, take a break from work emails, and set the alarm. Now that you've wiped away distractions get to work! Reduces the urge for our minds to wonder.
  3. Exercise. Take deep breaths and practice a couple of quick stretches at your desk or go for a brisk walk outside the office.
  4. Make time for Mindfulness. Guard time on your calendar to devote to mindful practice to release your stress.
  5. Be Thankful. Take a few minutes to acknowledge all the people who have helped with your success: parents, mentors, teachers, employers, and employees. You'll lead better when you deflate your ego and uplift others.

Posted on Aug 22 2019

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