8 Important Tips for Staying Healthy This Summer While Traveling


If you’re like most others, you’re probably already making the most of summer with tons of outdoor BBQs, pool parties and the occasional getaway. After all, where’s the fun in just hanging out at home when you can be enjoying yourself outdoors, right? However, you’ll need to remember that spending long hours under the hot sun also carries with it the risk of getting sunburned, dehydrated, and a host of other heat-related issues you’ll want to avoid.

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Staying healthy in summer is crucial to making the most of it, so here are our top suggestions right down below:

Stay Hydrated

Without a doubt, this is one tip that we simply need to emphasize. After all, if you’re going to be traveling or moving about under the scorching sun for hours, your body will also dehydrate a lot faster, leading to exhaustion and fainting spells. Even if you’re already consuming 64 ounces (about 8 cups) of water daily, you’ll want to increase your intake during summer.  

One great way to ensure that your water intake is kept at a healthy level is to carry around a water bottle when traveling outdoors. However, we do understand that this is a bulkier item, so you can always invest in a collapsible bottle that will easily fit into your pocket instead.

Dress Appropriately

Avoid dressing in thick layers which only serve to trap even more heat. Instead, you should opt for light and breathable materials such as cotton and linen as they help to wick away sweat more effectively. These days, there are also plenty of artificial fabrics which can help to regulate your body temperature too.

Another way to keep from overheating outdoors is by adopting a looser fashion instead of body-hugging ones. When our clothes aren’t sticking uncomfortably to our bodies, we’re also able to enjoy doing everything a lot more.

Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen 

Although sunscreen products do guarantee a certain number of hours of protection under the sun, you’ll need to remember that sweating and getting into the water wear that protective layer off your skin pretty quickly. To avoid getting sunburned while traveling, you’ll need to constantly reapply your sunscreen. Although it can seem like a hassle, it’s definitely a lot better than having your skin peel off painfully. 

Take Supplements and Vitamins

Staying healthy is pretty much a lifestyle that we need to adopt, and like everything else that’s worth it, this will take some time to inculcate. When traveling in summer, you’ll want to boost your immune system with a daily intake of Vitamin C. After all, even if you’re in the pink of health, other people you come into contact with every day might not be.

If you’re a berry fan, you can definitely go wild with all sorts of healthy, anti-oxidant combos in summer. Of course, there are also plenty of other fruits that make for great juices and smoothies, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what types of wonderful flavors you can come up with.

Eat Healthy 

If you’re willing to give up the idea that BBQ sauce is a must-have ingredient, you’re well on your way to enjoying a healthier summer BBQ from now on. After all, there are plenty of other seasonings you can purchase or make on your own, so why limit your palette?

Since grilling is definitely a healthy option (sans unhealthy fats and sauces), you can also make your meal all the heartier and more delicious by adding in plenty of grilled mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits. Although corn and eggplant are on top of the favorites list, the rest of the pack is definitely not far behind. 

Never Skip Breakfast

This isn’t to say that other meals aren’t as important as well, but breakfast is the one meal that gives us the energy boost we need to start out the day right. With soaring temperatures in summer, you’ll want to begin your travels right with a healthy meal in order to avoid feeling exhausted or faint throughout the day. 


You can’t be healthy and stay healthy without sufficient exercise, and though it can be challenging to come up with an exercise routine that can be done on the go while traveling, it’s still entirely possible. However, you’ll want to remember that while regular weekly exercise is important, it’s even more crucial to ensure that we exercise correctly to avoid getting injured.

One more thing to remember when exercising outdoors under the hot sun: avoid working out during the hottest hours of the day. If you do spend more time outdoors, you should also make use of precooling techniques such as drinking a slushie before your workout and draping a cool towel around your neck.

Drink Responsibly

There’s nothing wrong in indulging in a few drinks in summer, but just take note that consuming alcohol in hot weather further depletes our water stores and speeds up dehydration. The key to enjoying your drinks while traveling is moderation, and if you’re well aware that you’re a light drinker, you’ll also want to intersperse your drinks with sips of water. 

In fact, why not skip the hard alcohol this summer and opt for lighter alcoholic beverages instead? You can still enjoy a drink or two days while traveling in summer, but your choices will then revolve around beers, wines and other fun cocktails.

Posted on Jul 10 2019

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