Here are 6 Useful Tips to Organize Your Wedding Tasks


It can be hard to let go of managing and planning for your wedding on your own and letting others help you out. After all, it’s a really important milestone in anyone’s life, and it’s understandable to feel that you need to handle everything on your own. However, your list of things to do is only going to get longer as time passes by. Instead of scratching your head and wondering just how to go about it, you should learn to delegate certain tasks to those around you. Now, you might not be used to doing this, so we’ve provided you with some handy tips to start off with:

Know What Are Your Priorities

There’s just so much to do before the actual wedding, and even if you consider yourself the most efficient person you know, it’s still not a wise decision to handle every single task on your own. After all, you don’t want to burn out before the big day. First, discuss things over with your partner in order to decide on three to five priorities that you would much rather handle on your own. For example, if you have certain ideas about your wedding bouquet that you would rather manage and have complete control over, this is something you don’t have to delegate. 
Otherwise, if you’re not particular about the stationery that will be used during your wedding reception, you should let specific family members or friends handle the task. This will free you up from things which are not as important to you and will also give your friends and family members the chance to plan and work things out with you.

Work with a Professional Wedding Planner

Unless you’re used to planning and organizing other people’s weddings, you’ll most likely need to spend more time and resources on figuring out how to efficiently manage yours. With little to no experience, it can actually be a lot more cost-effective to hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help out. After all, they are the experts in the industry and they’re always willing to listen to your feedback in order to provide you with the wedding of your dreams. 
Whether it’s tasks that need to be delegated to others or annoying ones that take up forever (e.g. creating call sheets, liaising with vendors, etc.), they’re there to provide practical suggestions and solutions. Since you’re hiring them for their expertise, they’ll also be accompanied by a list of vendors that they personally trust and work with on a regular basis.

Take into Consideration the Strengths of Others

You are not going to be good at everything. Once you’ve decided on what you’re comfortable delegating, it’s time to think about the strengths of your friends and family members. For example, if your mother is an expert at knowing what types of food and drinks your guests would prefer, let her take the lead in researching and collaborating with others in order to come out with the best options for you to choose from. 
Let her know what you have in mind, then let her do things her way before coming back to discuss matters with you. Of course, you need to be kept in the loop in order to understand the process and how things are working out, but the main benefit to delegating tasks is that it frees up your own time to handle the things you’re much better at and prefer to do on your own.

Brainstorm with People Your Trust 

Planning an entire wedding on your own is definitely something that you can do. However, it isn’t the most effective method, and you won’t be able to leverage the ideas and talents of others. After all, you’ll only have one mind to depend on, and that’s yours.  
Brainstorming with people whose opinions you trust is a great way to be inspired by different ideas, and it can also be a great bonding moment. They’ll be able to present their various ideas and opinions, and you’ll be able to filter out what best suits your needs, and then delegate tasks according to who will be most suited to handle it. Doesn’t that sound absolutely fantastic?

Learn to Trust 

Just face it; you don’t love to do everything. In fact, there are probably some things for your own wedding that you would much rather prefer someone else handle. Now, when you assign tasks to people whom you trust, you need to let go of the reins and allow them to do it in their own way. 
However, you still need to follow-up with them and understand the process they’re going through in order to have a better idea of how things are progressing. This is a good way to spend time with loved ones and cash in on extra hands. With their help, you can then proceed to focus on the things you much prefer handling on your own.

Count on Professionals 

Unless you’re a control freak who has an issue letting anyone handle anything, there is always help to be found. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds all around us, finding help online for the various things we are not comfortable doing or have no clue at all how to go about is about a simple as 1,2,3. For example, sites dedicated to freelancers provide affordable professional help for things such as designing wedding invitations and putting together a video to showcase at your wedding. Likewise, if you have no idea how to arrange and manage transportation for yourself and your guests on your special day, there is also the option of seeking professional assistance. 

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Posted on Apr 17 2019

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