Limo Safety Talk After the New York Limo Crash


20 people lost their lives on the 6th of October in Upstate, New York when a 2001 Ford Excursion SUV limousine lost control at a T-shaped junction. The limousine failed to break at the intersection along Route 30, rammed into an unoccupied parked vehicle, hit two pedestrians, and finally landed in a ditch, where a large tree trunk now lies split in half as the last point of impact. The limousine was ferrying a group of 18 family and friends to Amy Steenburg’s (an occupant) birthday party when the incident occurred. Amongst those who lost their lives were four sisters, two brother, and two sets of newlyweds; authorities have called this the worst accident in the history of the Unites States since 2009, and rightfully so.

Some sources claim that the limo’s chauffeur was not properly licensed to operate the vehicle and that the vehicle had recently failed a routine inspection test. It is also alleged that one of the occupants had texted her cousin informing her of the vehicle’s deplorable state moments before the accident occurred. The actual cause of the accident is, however, yet to be determined pending further investigations by the relevant authorities.

The events of this day were not only shocking, to say the least, but were also a wakeup call to the entire concierge transportation community. Our Westchester car service took this wakeup call quite seriously and decided to take a step back and objectively evaluate its own adherence to safety standards. After mush self-scrutiny, our Westchester limo service can confidently confirm that we maintain a strict adherence to duty of care and that our attention to details of our clients’ safety means that you are always in safe hands whenever you ride with us. The following are a few key measures we take to guarantee your safety and protection.


Well-Maintained Vehicles

There is a huge difference between having a vehicle that seems to be running well on the surface and actually taking the time to inspect the vehicle and resolve any operational defects the vehicle may be experiencing, no matter how small. Well, our concierge car service conducts routine inspections on all our vehicles before they are dispatched in order to ensure that you are always stepping into an automobile that is running at factory-level efficiency. Additionally, we conduct daily maintenance and inspections on all our vehicles, whether they are being dispatched or not, just to double-check and ensure that they remain in top-running condition at all given moments.


Highly Qualified Chauffeurs

Apart from the vehicle, the chauffeur plays a significant role in ensuring your safety on the road. For this reason, all our chauffeurs undergo a rigorous training process. We conduct background checks, ensure that all chauffeurs are properly certified and licensed, and take the chauffeurs through a personalized customer service course. This not only assures you a competent driver behind the wheel, but an all-round, satisfying transportation experience as well.



All our chauffeurs are required to have high limits insurance coverage as applicable in the State of New York and the United States at large. We also ensure that you and your property are protected under our commercial insurance coverage in the unlikely event of an incident, which means you are always protected against all liability when you are riding with us.

Posted on Nov 06 2018

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