The Ultimate Prom Transportation Planning Guide


Prom night is one of the biggest days for students, so it’s no surprise to see how much thought goes into planning what to wear and what vehicle to arrive in on that special night. It’s never too early to decide on your dream ride for the big day. Vehicle bookings are usually made well in advance, so if you’ve already got something in mind, it’s best to reach out to a limo service earlier on. In fact, let’s take a look at the items below to determine just how prepared you are:

Set Your Budget

Before you get all excited about prom and what you’re going to do and wear, you’ll also need to figure out one other important thing: your transportation. Of course, you’ll have your preferred mode of transportation in mind, which is why it’s crucial that you determine your budget earlier on. Limos and party buses usually get booked way in advance, so to avoid disappointment, check around for different types of transportation packages and choose one which best suits your needs.

Determine the Party Size

This will ultimately be your decision, and it’s also dependent on your preferences and budget. If you’re looking to have an entire vehicle for just you and your date or with only one more couple, you’ll need to pay more. There are also different types of limos and party buses that can accommodate up to 35 people, so if you’re looking to save a little on transportation and have fun with others along the way, you can opt for that instead.

Get a Person in Charge

Traveling together with others can be a fun memory for prom, so if you’ve more or less decided to go with a group of people, now’s the time to decide who will take up certain responsibilities. Designate one person as a point of contact with the limo company to handle the arrangement and details. One other person can be in charge of coordinating timing and other pertinent items. Whichever the case though, don’t leave this stage till the last minute.

Plan in Advance

Get a plan going for prom night in order to ensure that you’ve booked the right type of vehicle and to get an accurate price quote. Do you intend to head straight to prom or stop for some dinner and take some pictures first? Would you prefer to drive around town to celebrate? Also, how long do you intend to stay at the prom itself? When you’ve got all these questions answered, you’ll be able to better determine your transportation needs.

Our Westchester limo service has had plenty of experience with proms, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re talking about. We’ll love to have you on board any of our luxurious rides for your big day, and we’ll be more than happy to assist in planning and executing your plans. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a truly memorable ride with our Westchester car service.

Posted on Mar 05 2019

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