Top Tips for Wedding Planning


When you are planning for your wedding, there a few things you need to be aware of. If you are wondering whether you missed something, or even if you have everything under control, check out the following wedding planning secrets compiled by our Westchester Limo Service. Also, consider our New York Ground Transportation Service for all your transportation needs on this special day; our professionally trained chauffeurs are dedicated to making sure that all transportation arrangements go by without a hitch and will go above and beyond to treat you and your guests like royalty on such a memorable occasion.

Budget for Everything

We mean everything! You don’t want to be caught off-guard by anything on the day of the event. Most importantly, factor in the cost of the honeymoon because after all is said and done, this life-event is really just for you and your spouse. If you can’t afford your dream destination, there are various sites on the internet that can assist you in finding honeymoon getaway locations that are within your budget range or you could also request close family and friends to contribute to flight/accommodation costs to enable you to go to your dream destination.

Start Planning Early

This cannot be emphasized enough. A wedding is a big event, and you only get to do it once in a lifetime. The earlier you start planning, the more you can guarantee that nothing has been overlooked on the actual day of the event. We suggest that you start formulating the wedding plan at least six months before the wedding is set to go down in order to ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

Get Help

Yes, it’s your big day and we are sure no one knows better than what the event should be like. Share this vision with close, trusted friends and family and delegate different aspects of the wedding plan to each individual according to their strengths. You will find that they will be more than willing to help and, this way, every aspect of the event will receive specialized attention, which will almost guarantee that each aspect is sufficiently taken care of. For example, delegate venue arrangements, catering, lighting, decorations, transportation, etc.

Food and Drinks

Whether you are making catering arrangements yourself or making arrangements with the venue, we suggest that you over-estimate when it comes to food and drinks. You would rather have leftovers than not have enough! If the food runs out before everyone is satisfied, chances are some of your guests will not be happy, and who needs grumpy people at a wedding? You might end up wasting some food/drinks and wasting some money in the process, but trust us, this loss is worth it.

Make the Event Social and Interactive

A wedding should be a place of fun and celebration; after all, these are your family and friends. Encourage everyone to participate in social activities like dancing, playing games, karaoke, hire live acts, etc. Make the event fun and memorable for everyone as well as yourself and let your wedding be remembered as a fun time.

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Posted on Apr 17 2018

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