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The Best Luxury Transportation in Granite Springs

By now, it is a well-established fact that first impressions are very important. Fair or not, people pay attention to how you dress, how you carry yourself and even what kind of transportation you use. If you want to arrive at your destination in style, we recommend choosing Westchester Car & Limo. Our luxury transportation services are of superior quality and value. Specifically, our Granite Springs limo service is perfect for every kind of outing or special event you can imagine. For example, you could book us for a trip to 202 Steakhouse, one of the most prestigious restaurants in Granite Springs. If you were to book our service for transportation to nearby Stewart International Airport, we'd be sure to arrive on time.

Why You Should Choose Us

With a strong knowledge of the local area and access to GPS, your chauffeur can safely navigate around traffic snarls, construction, and any other obstructions. Even if there is a big game happening at Michie Stadium and traffic is thick, you can rest assured that our chauffeurs know exactly how to navigate this neighborhood. Greater peace of mind is one of the most important benefits of using Granite Springs car service.

Whether your outing is business-related or personal, you won't want the demands of driving to upset your equilibrium. Airport car service is one of our most popular offerings. Besides our handsome sedans and roomy SUVs, we offer limos and luxury vans that can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Our transportation would serve you well if you needed to get your party to Ceola Manor, a beautiful wedding venue just two miles outside of Granite Springs.

A Great Team and A Great Value Proposition

As proud as we are of our fleet, it is our ground transportation team that lies at the heart and soul of Westchester Car & Limo. Each candidate must undergo thorough screening before they are added to this team. After hiring, all chauffeurs receive extensive training so they can respond to any situation in a level-headed, competent manner. Just because you like the finer things in life, this doesn't mean that you don't appreciate a good deal. Unlike some of our competitors, we provide an outstanding return on each client dollar. Importantly, we do this without sacrificing one iota of service quality. If you want to find out for yourself what luxury transportation is all about, please contact us today.

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