9 Summer Day Trip Suggestions for Everyone


It can be hard to find enough time for ourselves when we’re loaded down with commitments and responsibilities left and right. Gone are the days where as children, our thoughts would most likely revolve around how we’ll like to spend our many weeks of summer break. Instead, we’re more likely to wonder when we’ll ever have the opportunity to just relax and have fun.

Nevertheless, it’s important for us to remember that a balanced lifestyle can only be achieved if we also know how to care for our own well-being, and that requires spending time on ourselves. It can understandably be hard to do that with the limited amount of time we have, so we’ve taken the liberty of listing down our favorite summer day trips just for you down below:

Go for an Overnight Camping Trip

About all you’ll really need to get started is a tent, a backpack, and a sleeping bag. As long as you know which camping ground you’re headed for, the rest is mainly packing the essentials, inviting others to come along (if that’s what you prefer), and getting other supplies along the way.

Suggestion: Camp Gateway @ Staten Island

Location: 210 Avenue S, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Visit an Art Museum

Not every summer activity has to be outdoors under the sun. If you’ll much prefer to soak in cool air conditioning, you might just want to visit a museum instead. There’s bound to be different exhibits in different seasons, and since admission is usually free or kept to a minimum, you can easily spend an enjoyable day indoors. 

Suggestion: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Location: 1000 Fifth Ave., New York, New York 10028

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Mon to Thurs, Sun), 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Fri & Sat)


Go on A Hiking Trip

Contrary to some people’s belief that you need to be at your fittest to enjoy hiking, the main thing to remember here is that hiking usually requires endurance more than anything else. That being said, you’ll also want to invest in a good pair of sturdy shoes with good grip and bring along a water bottle and even some light snacks to munch on when you rest.

Suggestion: Gorge and Indian Trail @ Watkins Glen State Park

Distance: 2.4 miles

Have Fun at the Water Park

The beach can get pretty crowded, so an alternative to consider that’s equally fun is a water park. Just imagine all the different types of water slides and other water amusements you can play with for an entire day. However, if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can also spend time reading a book and soaking in the warm sun rays.

Suggestion: The Kartrite Resort & Water Park

Location: 555 Resorts World Drive Monticello, NY 12701


Enjoy a Summer Concert

When the weather’s nice out, it’s a great time to hold concerts outdoors, and that’s what summer is popularly known for. Resist the urge to just watch something on your screen at home. Get a picnic basket going, invite some friends, and just head on out for a fun time with the night’s performing artists.

Suggestion: CityPark’s Summerstage @ Several Locations

Location: Several Locations (do check out the website for more info)


Visit a Local Farm

Buying produce from the supermarket or farmer’s market is one thing, but when you have the opportunity to harvest your own produce, go for it. There’s something intrinsically satisfying and rewarding about selecting, picking and consuming produce on the spot. In fact, it’ll literally be the case of being able to enjoy the fruits of your own harvest.

Suggestion: Altamont Orchards

Location: 691 NYS RT 146, Altamont, NY 12009

Opening Hours: Do check the website for more info


Go to the Zoo

If it’s been ages since you’ve visited a zoo, summer’s a great time to enjoy this activity. Of course, you can expect quite a crowd of families during summer weekends, so if you’ll prefer to go when there’s less of a squeeze, you’ll want to come during a weekday instead.

Suggestion: Central Park Zoo

Location: 2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10460

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mon to Fri), 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Weekends & Holidays)


Explore the Local Library

Never say never to visiting a library. Even if reading books aren’t really your thing, you’ll be surprised at just how enjoyable it can be to spend some time in a cooling and quiet atmosphere. These days, most libraries even have e-books, audio books and other free programs for the public to enjoy, so do consider paying them a visit.

Suggestion: New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Location: 476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Opening Hours: Do call (917) 275-6975 for more info

Go on A Wine Tasting Tour

You can always buy a couple of bottles home at any time of the year to enjoy. Since summer is just around the corner though, you can visit a nearby winery to enjoy a glass or more on the spot. Some places even have free wine tasting sessions on certain days, so if that interests you, you might want to start looking up which winery you’ll like to visit.

Suggestion: Red Hook Winery

Location: 175 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


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Posted on Jun 12 2019

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