Master the Art of Successful Business Dinners with These Simple Steps


Business meetings don’t necessarily involve food, but business dinners are centered around a meal conversation with others. Since you’re in close proximity to others for an extended period of time, this is your opportunity to showcase your impeccable dining etiquette. In fact, you’ll definitely want to leave them with a good impression of yourself and pave the way to the next step of the relationship.

Building anything right is done over time, and here at our Westchester limo service, we understand that our service plays a major role in ensuring that each and every one of our customers get to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. We’ve accumulated years of experience on the road, and we’ll love for you to benefit from us in every way, so we’ve also provided the steps to a successful business meal right here:

Setting the Right Agenda

Every meal serves an agenda, and it differs according to the situation and people whom you’re dining with. To stay on top of matters, you’ll need to understand the purpose of the dinner in the first place. Is it a time to bond and get to know others better? Or maybe it’s a more formal setting to discuss the finer details of a business deal. Whichever the case, it’s up to you to know.

It’s Still Work

The process of having a meal with others depends on whom you’re dining with, the purpose, and the location. For your business dinner, you’ll need to remember that it’s ultimately an extension of your work. You’ll want to combine a suitable amount of networking skills and business meeting knowledge at the dinner table. Also, you’re suppose to be comfortable, but not so much that you lose sight of your agenda.

The Food is Secondary

If you’ve ever experienced hunger, you’ll probably also have noticed that your thoughts will be centered mainly on getting your stomach filled up. Don’t let that happen during a business meeting by fueling up the tank a little first. That way, you won’t end up acting like a starving person the entire meal. Also, avoid messy foods such as ribs, crab legs and spaghetti as things can get really troublesome.

Get Ready to Talk

There can be many things that define a successful business dinner, but nothing is really going to happen if we don’t communicate our ideas and thoughts across at the table. Bring your networking skills to the fore and get your engine going with a wider knowledge of different types of general topics. Also, do remember to show genuine interest in others by knowing what to ask and when to ask them.

Take Note of Your Body Language

It might seem inconsequential, but body language plays a major role in any conversation, and it speaks volumes. You can tell that someone is bored or tired when they slouch or turn away from you. If you want to convey attentiveness, sit straight and look at the person directly. You’ll also want to avoid other gestures such as talking with your mouth full and pointing your utensils at others.

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Posted on Mar 19 2019

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