Take a Red Eye Flight and Enjoy Its Many Advantages


Everyone has a plane story to tell, and we don’t mean a nice story. Red eye flights are usually characterized by planes leaving after 9 p.m. and landing around 5 to 6 a.m., but you’ll realize that most people are hesitant when it comes to taking overnight flights. However, for staunch supporters of red eye flights, this is the time they look forward to, and we’ve got the answers to their enthusiasm right down below:

Opportunity for Extra Seats to Sleep On

Sleeping while sitting on a plane isn’t exactly the most comfortable situation, especially when you need more legroom. Most mid-day flights are packed to the brim, so that option is usually out the window. However, with overnight flights, you’ll definitely stand a much higher chance of being able to put your feet up.

Most Passengers are Probably Tired

There really isn’t much chance of a quiet place during the day time. There’s usually someone who wants to talk or move about at some point, so unless you’re a really sound sleeper, you’re more likely to get disturbed. However, with overnight flights, most passengers are also looking for a little shut eye, so you’re less likely to be troubled.

Claim your Luggage Faster

Nobody wants to touch down from their flight only to wait for the longest time just to claim their luggage and move on. Even worse scenarios are more likely to occur with more passengers, and this can include missing bags, and even people accidentally taking your bag. To avoid more mishaps, do consider taking overnight flights.

You Can Actually Sleep

If you’ve never considered wearing something pajama-like onto the plane, you can start doing so now for your next red eye flight. After all, if you’re looking to sleep (comfortably!), you might as well make yourself right at home on your own seat. With less noise and less movement on the plane itself, you’ll definitely be able to drift off to sleep in no time.

Maximize Your Daytime Schedule

You shouldn’t have to cut your activities short or pack your schedule to the brim just to accommodate your day time flight. After all, we do most things during the daytime, so you really shouldn’t be spending it by sitting on a plane. With red eye flights, you can also take the opportunity to plan and go through the itinerary for when you land to make the most of your time.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

There are pros and cons to everything we do, and one very obvious benefit to taking a red eye flight is the chance to avoid daytime and peak hour traffic. Of course, if you’re looking to free up your hands even more, you can always rely on our Westchester limo service. With our reliable chauffeurs at the wheel, you’ll surely get to enjoy a comfortable ride to and from the airport at any time of the day. Our Westchester airport service provides the highest-quality of chauffeured transportation. We also provide a seamless Westchester airport shuttle service to and from the airport. With our shuttle service, you will never have to wait for your transportation.

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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