The Top 10 Places to Visit for Your Summer Getaway


If you’ve already run out of ideas to make the most of your summer from home, you can definitely look further out. By that, we mean planning and going on a summer getaway. Even if you’re unable to go away for long, you can still make the most of your break just to relax, have fun and explore someplace new. In fact, we’ve got some great places to recommend to you this summer, so just keep reading on:


2019 is a special year for India as it marks 150 years since the birth of Gandhi, which makes it a historic year to visit, full of events and unique experiences. India is an affordable destination, but it is also challenging and magical, with never-ending experiences. India offers a unique kind of diversity from landscapes to food, locations, religion, and culture. No matter where you travel to in India, you will have something to do everywhere you go – you can ride around the southern beaches or climb the mountains in the north. Be ready for the biggest adventures. 


Japan is a mesmerizing place to visit not only during the cherry blossom season as this is a fascinating country with an endless amount of activities and events year-round. Summer in Japan is warm and humid but it is the perfect time to visit for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who like hiking. Plus, Japan is a safe country, with friendly people, amazing transportation, fascinating natural wonders including volcanoes, glaciers, exotic wildlife, crystal clear lakes and more, ancient and modern arts, stunning landmarks. Once in Japan, you will enjoy some unique Japanese experiences. 


It’ll be the winter season till November, so you can expect overcast skies most days you’re here. However, don’t let that get you down as temperatures are still at an average of 55 - 66°F, so going outside isn’t going to be torture. If you’re up for food sampling on a mega scale, you’ve definitely chosen the right place. Food tours run throughout the year, and with so much to taste and delight in, you’re sure to enjoy yourself here on your summer break.


In case you didn’t know, the nation’s favorite pastime is something that even tourists can indulge in, and that’s visiting a street cafe for a cup of coffee or mint tea while people-watching. There’s plenty to captivate the senses here in this North African country, from the magnificent Saharan dunes and the peaks of the High Atlas to the maze-like medina in Marrakesh and shopping in the souqs, it’s easy to see how time just flies by.


The party scene in Dubai is booming, and although that might throw you off your previous perception of this UAE city, rest assured that this destination has become a popular one for many worldwide. Sure, you can expect desert temperatures, but there’s also plenty of air-conditioned shopping malls to hang out in. Other than that, you’ll also get to enjoy lots of affordable food options and maybe even spend some quality time in the 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

Bora Bora

The perfect island paradise is definitely within your reach this summer, and once you set your sights on its clear, turquoise waters, you’ll probably be back next year as well. Here, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of water activities, and it’s definitely a dream destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. This summer enjoy dipping your feet into the water at the many water bungalows available as well as the gentle South Pacific Ocean breezes.  


This kaleidoscopic nation displays an astounding diversity of people, food, culture, plants, arts, and so much more. In fact, spending just a week here is really on the short side, because there are just so many destinations worth visiting on this island country. You’ll best come on over during their dry season (April to October) as it is the best time for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, scuba diving, and surfing.


Spring and fall are the country’s most busy periods but if you’re looking for a less crowded time, you’ll best come over in July or August. Here, it’s easy to feel like you’ve just dropped into a James Bond movie with its numerous casinos, luxury hotels and resorts, and laid-back Mediterranean vibe that perfectly matches its scenery. You can also consider staying at the famous Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel to enjoy Riviera glam.


Contrary to popular belief, Iceland really is warmer than Greenland. This makes for really green summers that last till October, so if the thought of trekking across a magnificent glacier and soaking your aching body in a geothermal lagoon sounds like a dream, don’t wait any longer. This blissful retreat is high on most people’s bucket list, and with such amazing scenery and weather, it isn’t hard to imagine why.


You needn’t look far to experience some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world. In fact, you don’t even need a passport to enjoy this beautiful island paradise. Here, you’ll get to experience the majestic outdoors every single day alongside enthusiastic islanders. From surfing and swimming to witnessing a hula dance and going for a luau, you’ll definitely yearn for that genuine aloha when you leave.

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Posted on Jul 29 2019

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